XRAY wins four South African Onroad Nat’l titles


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The 2015 season of the South African On-Road Electric National Championship is complete and Team Xray SA managed to crown 4x SA National Champions and 3x vice champions.

Touring Modified
Jason Hillcoat managed to defend his 2013 and 2014 title with great and consistent performance in the season making it three in a row with his Xray teammate Deon Gove achieving the title of vice-champion.

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The top 5 for Touring Modified for 2015:

  1. Jason Hillcoat (Xray) – Champion
  2. Deon Gove (Xray) – Vice Champion
  3. Antonio Caroli (Xray)
  4. Anderton Smith
  5.  Shaun Schutte (Xray)

13.5T Touring (Boosted)
The competition during the season was tough with only ten points separating the top 6 drivers. It was Antonio Caroli (Xray) who managed to take the title at the last event with Anderton Smith (Yokomo) managing the vice-champion title.

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The top 5 for 13.5T Touring (Boosted) for 2015:

  1. Antonio Caroli (Xray) – Champion
  2. Anderton Smith (Yokomo) – Vice Champion
  3. Deon Gove (Xray)
  4. Shaun Schutte (Xray)
  5. Willem Janse van Rensburg (VBC Racing)

17.5T Touring (Boosted)
The season saw a great battle between Willem Janse van Rensburg, Dillon du Plooy, Jacques Myburgh, Jonathan Wilken and Juan Landman. It was Jacques Myburgh (Xray) who managed to win the championship title with Dillon du Plooy (Xray) finishing as vice champion.

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The top 5 for 17.5T Touring (Boosted) for 2015:

  1. Jacques Myburgh (Xray) – Champion
  2. Dillon du Plooy (Xray) – Vice Champion
  3. Willem Janse van Rensburg (VBC Racing)
  4. Jonathan Wilken (Xray)
  5. Juan Landman (Yokomo)

21.5T Stock Touring
Claudio Vieira dominated the season with his Xray to take the championship with two events two spare. There was a tight battle for the remaining podium position with the vice-champion title eventually going to Juan Wessels.

The top 5 for 21.5T Touring for 2015:

  1. 1st Claudio Vieira (Xray) – Champion
  2. 2nd Juan Wessels – Vice Champion
  3. 3rd Tyronne Wilken (Xray)
  4. 4th Paul van der Westhuizen (Team Magic)
  5. 5th John Steyn (Tamiya)

1/12th Scale 10.5T Blinky
XRAY Teammates Shaun Schutte, Willie du Plooy and André Greeff had a great battle throughout the season but it was Wayne Joelson (Yokomo) who managed to win the championship with three wins in a row. André Greeff managed to take the title of vice-champion for a second year running.

The top 5 for 1/12 Scale 10.5T for 2015:

  1. Wayne Joelson (Yokomo) – Champion
  2. André Greeff (Xray) – Vice Champion
  3. Willie du Plooy (Xray)
  4. Shaun Schutte (Xray)
  5. Alexander Hagberg (Xray) (only participated in one event)

13.5T FWD Touring
Jacques Myburgh dominated the season with his Team Powers FWD to claim the 2015 championship.

The top 5 for 13.5T FWD Touring for 2015:

  1. Jacques Myburgh – Champion
  2. Eugene Wessels – Vice Champion
  3. Fanie Viljoen Snr – Vice Champion
  4. Paul van der Westhuizen
  5. Ben Kriegler

Source: XRAY