Yokomo unveils BD7 ‘2016 Black Series’ kit



Yokomo has just released their all-new BD7 2016 Black Series 1/10 Electric Touring Car Kit. The theme for the 2016 BD7 is a super low center of gravity, featuring an extremely low design for overwhelming cornering speed and throttle response. The design also incorporates small sized differential pulley, which required a redesign of all the related parts, including the black anodized aluminum parts, included as standard. The short big bore shocks have also been reworked to be a highlight of the updated 2016 platform. Users will also find the BD7 2016 includes the optional Front Double Joint Universals (YOKB7-010FWC) as standard equipment.


  • Extremely low center-of-gravity
  • Updated small diff pulleys
  • Updated black anodized aluminum parts w/chamfered edges
  • Updated big bore short shocks
  • Front Double Joint Universals included as standard equipment

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Yokomo has also released a full 2016 conversion kit for prior BD7 model owners.This kit will convert any prior BD7 model (even RS) to the full fledged BD7 2016 purebred race machine.


  • Updated Main Chassis
  • Updated Upper Deck
  • Updated Shock Tower F/R
  • Updated Short Shock set
  • Updated Front Pulley
  • Updated Gear Differential Unit
  • Updated Aluminum Bulk Head A/B/C
  • Updated Aluminum Bulk Head Cap A/B/C
  • Updated Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Updated Drive Pulley
  • Updated Direct Main Gear Adapter
  • Updated Main Gear Shaft
  • Updated Belt F/R
  • Aluminum Battery Holder
  • Body Post