Ilievski takes second consecutive Aussie Nat’l TC title


v_Ari T4

This year’s 2015 Australian National Championships were held at the Whalan Model Car Club in NSW. The track hadn’t seen much action over the past couple of years as the previous club folded, however, WMCC did a great job bringing the track up to snuff to host this year’s Australian Nationals. The event drew numbers of 100+, bringing the best drivers from around Australia in all classes.

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The Stock 13.5 Touring Class saw an absolute domination by the XRAY team. Tony McMahon would take TQ, however it was Alex Ilievski who would sail home to the overall victory with Tony second. Justin Rediex would finish out the podium in third, followed up by yet again two more XRAY’s, making for a Team XRAY top 5 sweep!

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Alex recaps the finals saying, “The first final started great and I made it into 3rd place during the first lap. Unfortunately I clashed with a fellow competitor resulting in a roll over and a tweaked car. I decided to pull the car off to save my tyres as we were only allocated 1 set for the 3 finals. The first final went to my fellow XRAY team mate, Damien Zarb.

The second final produced some great racing and by the first lap I made it into 3rd place behind Tony and Damien. Tony pulled away at the start of the race to a 3 second lead from Damien and myself. After a great battle with Damien I made it past him and started to chase down Tony. I wasn’t able to close the gap in time which saw Tony take the win and me finishing second.

The title was up for grabs in the 3rd final. By the time we reached the second corner I noticed the top 2 drivers came together and opened up the field which gave me a clean run through the pack alongside fellow XRAY team mate Justin Rediex. We both went off with a 4 second gap to the rest of the field and after a great race with Justin I could see the finish line drawing closer. I knew I had to coast it in to take the National Title for the second consecutive year.”


Overall Results – Stock 13.5:

  1. Alex Ilievski – XRAY T4’16
  2. Tony Mcmahon TQ – XRAY T4’16
  3. Justin Rediex – XRAY T4’16
  4. Damien Zarb – XRAY T4’16
  5. Mark Wallin – XRAY T4’15
  6. Keith MacKrill
  7. Josh Mason – XRAY T3
  8. Steve Georgopoulos
  9. John Puse
  10. Matt Valentine – XRAY T4’16

Source: XRAY