Tasos Paparegas wins Greek 1/10 Nats Rd.2


Tasos Paparegos

Round 2 of the Greek 1/10 Offroad Nationals was recently held at the Zorri RC Track. The XRAY duo of Tasos and John Paparegas clearly set the pace in qualifying with brilliant 18 lap runs. Kyosho’s Argi would qualify and start third on the grid for finals. In the end, Tasos would carry on to win the overall with John second, and Floudas finishing third.

Final standings:

  1. Paparegas Tasos – XRAY
  2. Paparegas John – XRAY
  3. Floudas – TLR
  4. Argi – Kyosho
  5. Amaxas – Associated
  6. Sikianakis – XRAY
  7. Fotinos – Durango
  8. Sgouros – Yokomo