PROTOform keeps it stiff with new ‘1/8 Aero Kit’



This is a 1/8 Aero Kit with Spoiler & Stiffeners for 1/8 Onroad bodies, such as the IFMAR World Championship-winning PROTOform R18 and P909.


Keeping the aerodynamic and structural integrity of your 1/8 Onroad body intact is an essential part of high-level racing, and now you can reinforce yours with the lightest body stiffening kit on the market. Instead of the standard flat die-cut heavyweight lexan, the PROTOform 1/8 Aero Kit features stiffening contours molded directly into lightweight lexan for uncompromised rigidity. Added weight is minimized, keeping your 1/8 car’s center of gravity as low as possible to maximize corner speed, while still keeping the sides of your body from fluttering down the straightaway. Each 1/8 Aero Kit includes a large main stiffener for behind the rear wheels: pre-formed, pre-cut and ready to install. Two small and two medium size stiffeners are included to reinforce the sides of the body with a few simple bends. Included double-sided tape keeps the whole kit in place.


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Also included in the kit is a rear spoiler/gurney strip, vital to keeping the rear of your car planted. The spoiler is die-cut & bent to size with 20mm slots for adjustability in different track conditions.


Source: PROTOform