Hara to compete at Hong Kong Championship with Carisma


Hara Carisma

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It is still a mystery as to where multi-time World Champion Atsushi Hara will call home after his surprise departure from SWorkz last week, however, it has been confirmed that Hara will be behind the wheel of the Carisma 4XS 1/10 4wd buggy at the upcoming Hong Kong 1/10 Championship finale. The event will be taking place on November 15, 2015, and is said to be a ‘one time only’ guest appearance for Hara and his 4XS.

Carisma states, “Hara san and the rest of the Carisma Racing HK team will be conducting testing a few days before the event and will be providing updates accordingly. This is extremely exciting, and we cannot wait for Hara San to get his hands on our 4XS; finding a set up for our local track and of course shows us what the 4XS can really do.”