The Mibosport Cup kicks off Rd.1 with 250+ entries



Race Report by Michal Bok
The next season of the Mibosport Cup sponsored by Yokomo, Schumacher, Highest, PELIKAN DANIEL, TRIVOX, Dubidesign, DFcreative and OMB kicked off last weekend in the Hotel-Sport in Hrotovice. The event began quite untraditionally with all-Friday free practices on both tracks, which was very welcomed by many drivers.


The event saw a new record with 254 drivers in total attending the event. The number of 120 drivers participated in the on-road classes with 42 drivers attending the Touring Car Modified, 38 attending the Stock LRP class, 21 drivers attending the Formula and 19 drivers attending the 1/12th scale class. A total of 134 drivers participated in the off-road classes with 73 drivers attending the 2WD Buggy and 61 drivers attending the 4WD Buggy class.


After the short drivers meeting, the qualifying sessions started simultaneously on both tracks.


The Modified class, which was run on the ETS carpet, was dominated by Ronald Völker. Ronald won all the qualifying sessions and took the TQ ahead of Patrick Gollner and Martin Hudy. In the first A-main, Ronald was building the gap just ahead of the fighting duo Gollner-Hudy. It was a very tough battle until Patrick’s little mistake which allowed Martin to gain an advantage and bring the second place home. Ronald won even the second A-main, which ment an overall victory for him, with Patrick Gollner and Martin Hudy behind. The third A-main was won by Patrick Gollner, as Ronald retired early from the race. Martin Hudy finished second ahead of Steven Weiss. The overall winner of the class was Ronald Völker with Patrick Gollner and Martin Hudy completing the podium. The Final B was won by Mario Sowka, Final C by Michal Vítámvás and the Final D was won by Bernd Koller.


All the three qualy sessions of the Stock LRP class were won by Jürgen Horn, only 0.346sec ahead of Blazej Orlowski. Aleš Pelikán took the third place on the grid. Blazej managed to win the first A-main and defeat Jürgen, who was starting from TQ. The third place went to Bartlomiej Zambrzycki. A surprising result brought the second A-main, when Oliver Havránek won ahead of Aleš Pelikán and Bartlomiej Zambrzycki. The third A-main was finally won by the TQ man, Jürgen Horn. Blazej Orlowski finished second with Aleš Pelikán on third. Jürgen Horn then took the overall victory, even though he had the same number of points as Blazej, the crucial thing was the grid position in this situation. Blazej then finished on the overall second position with Aleš Pelikán completing the podium. The Final B was won by Vincenz Schrank, Final C by Ladislav Tóth and the Final D was won by Martin Janíček.


The likeable Austrian, Herbert Weber, dominated the Formula class when he won the qualifying with 1 lap gap ahead of his nearest rivals, Mario Sailer and Hannes Zuckerstätter. Herbert won even all the A-mains and took the overall win right ahead of Mario Sailer and Hannes Zuckerstätter. The Final B was won by Vladimír Šulc.


The qualifying of the 1/12th scale class was won by Tomáš Lipták. Aleš Pelikán finished second with Igor Lipták on third. Tomáš Lipták won the first A-main with quite a comfortable gap ahead of Aleš Pelikán and Toni Eder. The second A-main was won by Aleš Pelikán with Igor Lipták and Tomáš Lipták behind. Toni Eder won the third A-main ahead of Tomáš Lipták and Igor Lipták. Tomáš and Aleš gained the same number of points but the crucial thing was the grid position again, so Tomáš took the overall win ahead of Aleš Pelikán and Toni Eder. The Final B was won by Marcel Dostál.


Michal Orlowski won the qualifying of the 2WD Buggy class and took the TQ with a comfortable gap ahead of Martin Wollanka and Peter Pinisch. The first A-main was won by Michal Orlowski, second finished Martin Wollanka, one lap behind Michal. Martin Bayer finished third. Michal won even the second A-main and gained the overall victory. Second came Martin Bayer ahead of Martin Wollanka. Martin Bayer managed to finish second in the third A-main, just behind Michal Orlowski, and took the overall second position. Martin Wollanka finished the A-main on the ninth place. Michal Orlowski was the overall winner then with Martin Bayer and Martin Wollanka completing the podium. The Final B was won by Jiří Mára, Final C by Adam Janovič, Final D by Philipp Stocker, Final E by Honza Kapička, Final F by Jiří Jarolímek and the Final G was won by Misha Aurelia Toman.


Martin Bayer dominated the 4WD Buggy class, when he took the TQ without any problems. With a huge gap, Martin won the first A-main ahead of Aleš Bayer and Kája Novotný. Martin Wollanka unfortunately had to retire from the race. Martin Bayer won even the second A-main and secured his overall victory. Second finished Michal Orlowski ahead of Martin Wollanka. The third A-main was won by Martin Bayer again, who was still increasing the gap ahead of his rivals. The battle for the second position was won by Martin Wollanka, Michal Orlowski finished third. The overall first place went to Martin Bayer, second finished Martin Wollanka with Michal Orlowski behind. The Final B was won by Juraj Hudy, Final C by Bartlomiej Zambrzycki, Final D by Ondřej Kulhánek, Final E by Vojtěch Flek and the Final F was won by Christian Freigassner.

During the podium ceremony, Milan Mudra was awarded with the Best Junior prize and the Spirit of the Race award went to Adam Izsay.