STRC blings out Vaterra Ascender shocks with new options


STRC Shocks

One of the first things you should upgrade on any vehicle are the stock plastic shocks at each corner. While the option of complete shock sets are available, the more economical yet equally effective way is to simply switch out the plastic shock caps and shock bodies with high quality CNC machined aluminum ones. The shock cartridge and internals are basically the same thing between what is in the aftermarket complete shock kit and what came with your vehicle. Now you can upgrade the plastic shocks on your Vaterra Ascender and greatly improve the performance of your truck with STRC’s CNC machined aluminum shock bodies, lower and upper shock caps, and o-ring equipped spring collars. By simply switch the shock cartridge o-rings, shock shaft and piston over from your plastic shocks to our CNC machined pieces, you will have a smooth yet durable, great looking set of shocks on your truck at about half of the cost of a complete aftermarket shock set.

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The high quality and precision CNC machined threaded shock bodies comes in either Gun Metal or Scale Black anodizing, or you have the option of having Blue anodized collars and lower caps for a more accentuated look. The shock collar comes with O-ring inside to accurate hold spring pre-load settings. The lower caps, like the upper caps features machined grips for ease of assembly. Match any shock body combination with black, gun metal, silver or blue anodized shock caps for a unique look on your truck.

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Most complete aftermarket shock kits available can run anywhere from $75-$100 for a complete set. But now you can easily achieve the same looks and performance at a much lower price with these high quality CNC machined aluminum shock components.