Michal Orlowski carries on with Schumacher



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Schumacher are pleased to announce that Michal Orlowski has signed a contract extension to remain with the team. In only his first season with Schumacher the 14 year old had a fantastic year with the highlights being winning the EFRA 4WD Euro’s and also double A mains at the World’s in Japan including a 4th in 4WD with the prototype CAT K2.

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Michal had to say:

“My first year of racing with Team Schumacher slowly coming to the end. It was also the best year in my racing career: first EOS round win, European Championship title win and finally fourth place at the World in 4WD class!! One year ago when I have started with Schumacher I never expect such great results, maybe in my dreams…. I’m deeply sure that all that results were possible only when whole package worked good together. First: perfect cars, always dialled to the conditions I was race and perfect suits my racing style. Second: perfect Team, 100% race involved and very experienced. This great race results would not be possible without huge input of experienced team engineers: Phil Booth, Trish Neal, Aaron Rose,… All of them are also nice people and I really like to be with them. Third: great company with perfect race understanding. If we felt that we need more tests or we need to improve something in the car to make it better for the given race conditions, Robin Schumacher always accepted such work and whole team worked really hard to make the cars the best possible. Fourth: maybe less important, good driver. And here I want to say, as a driver, that I’m very happy to stay with Team Schumacher and continue the way we have started together one year ago. I want to say Big Thanks to Robin Schumacher and Mark Musgrove for the perfect offer for the future.”