Huang Kuisheng takes Orion to Chinese EP Nationals win



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Team Orion is very proud to announce that Team Orion/HB driver Mr. Huang Kuisheng has won the Chinese EP Touring Car Nationals at the brand new Fengti racing circuit this past weekend! With the win of the first a-main Kuisheng prepared his victory on the racing track which will also host the 2016 IFMAR ISTC World Championships.


“Team Orion made its debut in China and we are very happy for having taken victory at the prestigious Touring Car Nationals. Mr. Huang Kuisheng used the full Team Orion electronics package: R10.1 speed controller, VST2 Pro motors, Carbon Pro 100C batteries and Touch Duo charger to win the important event. Congratulations to the full Team Orion team in China, especially to the winner Mr. Hunag Kuisheng!”