Indra Liono wins at Jakarta Regional Rd.2



Race Report by Bowie Ginting
The Jakarta Regional Rd.2 was held in Graha Raya Offroad track which delighted a competitive 55 drivers. The surface of the track was medium low grip in the morning with some bumpy section in the race-line created after qualifying. It was Indra Liono who took an early spotlight by TQ the first round while Rama Tribudiman rounded his Associated/Novarossi package for the succesful Q2, which lead the TQ battle into the last round. Rama was in a confident yet clear traffic ahead in Q3 while accidentally got flame out in the half of the run, promoted Indra to the top to secured the TQ spot.

After a convicing lower finals done, the Main final got underway. An early casualty came from Jason Nugroho who found a problem onto his Xray car during the warm up. An extra time recall which sent him to the dead last on the grid. Sound of the tone gone to gave Indra a big space on the lead while the first corner collision did to many drivers. First casualty went to Chopin who got flame out while he was battling John Agus for the 3rd place. Jason Nugroho step up his way after took Rama for 2nd until another flame out issue stop his chasing which completed with a came-off front drivejoint. Indra was in a comfortable pace, left Rama 12 seconds behind while an exciting battle came from the 3rd and 4th between John Agus and Mugen powered Novarossi of Adrian Wicaksono. At the end, Liono would stay safe and sound to the finish line followed by Rama and Adrian who took John in the last lap. Faisal Ali did a steady run to completed the Top 5 of the Main Final.

Race Results:

  1. Indra Liono (TQ) – Kyosho/SPower/VP/Futaba
  2. Rama Tribudiman – Associated/Novarossi/Runner Time/Futaba
  3. Adrian Wicaksono – Mugen/Novarossi/VP/Sanwa
  4. John Agus – Kyosho/OS Speed/VP/Futaba
  5. Faisal Ali – Mugen/Reds/VP/Sanwa