ProTek R/C quiets the gears with new ‘Premier White’ grease


Noise Grease

ProTek R/C has just released their new ‘Premier White’ Friction & Noise Reducing Gear Lubricant. The new lube is designed to provide super smooth and friction-free performance. It works great in any weather condition, performs throughout a wide temperature range, and is safe with plastic and metal. For R/C applications, Premier White is best used with plastic spur gears, 1/10 scale transmission gears and 1/8 differential ring and pinion gears. Testing has found the Premier White helps increase roll-out speed, higher RPM’s and increased gear life.

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To use, simply apply a small amount of Premier White across the width of one gear. As the gears spin, Premier White will spread across all gears and teeth providing a thin layer of lubrication. This also helps reduce gear mesh noise, as well as seat brand new 1/8 ring and pinion gears. Premier White also works great as a general R/C assembly grease; use it with bearings, servo gears, axle joints or even the threads of a turnbuckle when installing new ball cups.


  • Friction and noise reducing gear grease
  • Safe for plastics and metals
  • Great with 1/10 transmissions, 1/8 Differential ring and pinion gears
  • Faster acceleration, higher rpm, less gear noise and longer gear life