Serpent success at the 2015 PRCA Cup



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The 2015 edition of the PRCA Cup was held at the RCMC Pa Campsite track in Singapore over the last weekend. The race saw a healthy number of competitors from Singapore, Sweden, Japan, Korea and Malaysia. Team Serpent was represented by Viktor Wilck in the Pro Class and Daryl Thong in the Open Class. The race was ran over the duration of 2 days, with 4 rounds of qualifying on Saturday and 1 round of qualifying on Sunday with triple mains after that.

In the pro class, it was a very close fight between Nicholas Lee, Alexander Hagberg and Viktor Wilck, with tire strategy proving to be a crucial factor. At the end of qualifying, Viktor lined up 3rd on the grid for the finals.

Qualfiying Result ( A Main )

  1. Nicholas Lee
  2. Alexander Hagberg
  3. Viktor Wilck – Serpent 411
  4. Nelson Lee
  5. Max Park
  6. Kim Byung Hwan
  7. PY Tang
  8. Alvin Koh
  9. An Jong Hyun
  10. Ong Chee Yong

In the open class, Daryl locked out the first 3 rounds of qualifying to take pole position on the grid for the finals.

Qualifying Result (A Main)

  1. Daryl Thong – Serpent 411
  2. Masami Kiyomoto
  3. Alan Cher
  4. Chae Byung Ju
  5. Tan Yi Ming
  6. Lee Jae Deok
  7. Terence Ang
  8. Leonard Kee
  9. Joo Kiah
  10. Eugene Goh

In the finals of the Pro Class, Viktor did well to finish on the podium in 3rd after some fantastic racing in the finals.


Final Result

  1. Nicholas Lee
  2. Alexander Hagberg
  3. Viktor Wilck – Serpent 411
  4. Alvin Koh
  5. Nelson Lee
  6. Kim Byung Hwan
  7. An Jong Hyun
  8. Max Park
  9. PY Tang
  10. Ong Chee Yong

In the finals for the open class, it was an exciting battle between the two front runners Daryl Thong and Masami Kiyomoto with the 2 trading positions many times over the course of the three finals. Daryl managed to pip Masami to the win in A1 however with a DNF for Daryl after a collision in A2 would result in a showdown in A3 for the overall win. Daryl started off A3 strongly, setting the lap record in the first lap. Masami would have an incident which saw him going off the track, which allowed Daryl to take the overall win in the open class.


Final Result

  1. Daryl Thong
  2. Masami Kiyomoto
  3. Tan Yi Ming
  4. Alan Cher
  5. Leonard Kee
  6. Chae Byung Ju
  7. Lee Jae Deok
  8. Joo Kiah
  9. Terence Ang
  10. Eugene Goh