RCShox releases new SRX4 slipper pads & steering plates


SRX4 Options

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With the release of the Serpent SRX4 decoupled slipper setup (allows front and rear to slip separately) RCShox has now given you a way to tune this function! The kit comes with 6 slipper pads which can be used to tune your slip.

RCShox says, “The smaller pads grab more aggressively than the standard size, but since the rear pads use two its good to use two small pads on the rear and a big one on the front for close to an equal slip. If you want a mild rear grab, go with two large pads. With 6 included pads you can choose your best combination, and as with all RCShox garodisc, they never fade and never wear out!


In addition to the new adjustable slipper setup, RCShox has released their new SRX4 ‘outboard ackermann plates’.

“Since the release of the car, it is known to have very aggressive steering especially on entry. For some this is great, but for some conditions it needs to be tamed down. We engineered new outboard ackerman plates that follow the exact trend as the factory 3-2-1 plates but went two steps further with 0 and -1 for your tuning pleasure. Both will tame down entry, but will also increase mid to exit steering and corner speed. Machined from billet Delrin and will only be available in black (picture shows a set in white just for clarity) all plates are engraved with the proper number so you know exactly whats on your ride!”