Dynamite’s new ‘Turbo Kick’ ESC power booster


Turbo Kick

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Dynamite’s Turbo Kick Supplemental Power Booster is a simple, plug and play option to give your model an extra burst of power with the push of a button. It requires the use of an open channel on your radio system that can be operated with a button or switch. When activated, the device increases the voltage to the ESC by approximately 3.7–4.2V for 1–5 seconds, increasing the vehicle acceleration. Every 20 seconds the user can activate the device for a maximum of 5 seconds total time. This can be 5 seconds of continuous boost or multiple shorter boosts amounting to 5 seconds in a 20-second time window.

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  • Plug the Turbo Kick in and go, no programming required.
  • Low IR MOSFETs, generous heat sinks and low impedance connectors help provide plenty of power boost for your ESC – 50A continuous and 100A burst.
  • Internal capacitor provides plenty of power boost for your ESC when you need it!
  • LED indicators for power, battery charging, Rx signal, Boost Power activated, over temperature and reverse polarity errors.
  • The Turbo Kick is waterproof so it can be used in all terrain vehicles and boats.
  • Similar in size to your ESC, it is easily positioned in your vehicle.