Azri Amri wins at Malaysian National Championship Rd.5


v_bulding track

Round 5 of the Malaysian National Championship (MNC) for electric touring car classes was held indoors in Ipoh State Bt Gajah of Malaysia. 75 racers gathered for the event, and made for a great weekend of racing on the temporary track constructed purely for this event. In the premiere Modified TC class, it would be XRAY’s Azri Amri who would take TQ and the overall win. Sharin would cross the line in second, with Wong Kok Wai finishing out the podium in third.


v_podium modified


  1. Azri Amri (TQ) – XRAY
  2. Sharin
  3. Wong Kok Wai
  4. Azhar
  5. Michael Lim – XRAY
  6. Michael Lo
  7. Norazam
  8. William Tiong
  9. Riffat
  10. Nott

v_podium superstock

13.5T Boosted

  1. Michael Lo (TQ)
  2. Zul KKB – XRAY
  3. Adik Haikal – XRAY young driver
  4. Arman Ahmad
  5. Nana – XRAY
  6. Max Teo
  7. Firas Ismail
  8. Steve Siow – XRAY
  9. Boy Hazlyne
  10. Suah – XRAY

v_podium stock

13.5T Blinky (non-boost)

  1. Ajiq (TQ)
  2. Zack
  3. Ateromen
  4. Alif
  5. Azam Nordin
  6. Eiji – XRAY
  7. Shukri
  8. Wazir
  9. Yazid
  10. Zahari