Exotek Racing releases TLR 22T ‘EXO22T’ mid-motor conversion kit



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After the success of the EXO22 buggy, Exotek Racing now offers the EXO22T to bring your TLR stadium truck to the forefront of mid motor clay track performance. With it’s simple and efficient layout, the EXO22T offers improved rearward weight positioning of the battery and electronics to better suit a variety of track conditions. The EXO22T chassis allows standard inline shorty battery positioning or the incredibly easy to drive, side ways mounted shorty battery positioning. The EXO22T is offered with a machined 7075 alloy chassis for the most stability, traction and lowest CG.

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  • 2.5mm 7075 machined alloy bottom plate with 5mm carbon side rails for proper stiffness and strength.
  • Pocket milling in the chassis lowers the battery and esc for lower overall CG.
  • Easy LiPo access carbon LiPo strap that also acts as a top plate. The LiPo strap is fastened to the rear alloy brace and 2 alloys posts.
  • Alloy gear box brace is re-positioned further back to allow improved rearward battery positioning.
  • Chassis allows easy switching between lateral mounted LiPo and or inline mounted LiPo.
  • LiPo strap has adjustable LiPo holds to allow the battery to be shifted forward or back.
  • Machined 7075 alloy nose plate is used for durability and allows inexpensive chassis swaps should you wear out the main chassis.
  • Includes machined Delrin antenna mount.
  • Increased chassis ‘footprint’ allows more options for electronics placement. This also allows for proper weight balancing while maintaing a lower CG.
  • 5mm thick carbon fiber side rails are specially made matte finish for improved scratch hiding and is just super trick looking!
  • Optional alloy fan mount #1533 now available.