XRAY machines new graphite T4 floating servo holder


XRAY Servo Mount

The all-new XRAY T4 floating servo holder set includes a graphite holder and aluminum bushings. The floating steering system is disconnected from the chassis and works fully independently without affecting flex. This makes the car easier to drive in high-traction conditions, and chassis roll is reduced especially driving through the curbs. The car also handles better on bumpy tracks.

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v_306232 Graphite Floating Servo Holder_novinka

In combination with #302570 Steering Plate you can adjust 4 different flex characteristics. Using the graphite steering plate, chassis flex is medium; when using the steering plate with aluminum stand, flex becomes stiffer which results in more aggressive handling and increased steering.

v_306232 Graphite Floating Servo Holder_ilu

Thanks to the unique design of the servo holder, changing the flex of the steering system is quick & easy. There is no need for other parts, and there is no need to assemble/disassemble the servo holder. Adjusting the steering flex for a particular track is very quick & easy.

  • Steering system independent from chassis
  • Adjustable steering flex
  • Varying stiffness adjustment
  • For high-traction conditions
  • Reduced chassis roll
  • Perfect for bumpy tracks
  • Premium high-grade graphite
  • Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum stands