JamRock RC Car Club ‘Endurance Challenge’


2HR Endurance 2016

The JamRock Radio Control Car Club (JRRCCC) staged its annual 2 hour Endurance Challenge on Sunday October 11, 2015. This year’s event featured 1:8 Nitro GT Class cars only. The race meet has been designed by JRRCCC to help improve teamwork among members and participants with 3 member teams driving 1 chassis. It was also an opportunity for the newer members/ racers to work with the more seasoned racers and this will help to improve their skills.

Team Viper running a Serpent Cobra took home the 2015 trophy after starting from pole position. The team, led by Howard Maitland, fresh from his GT class win at the Caribbean Invitational International race, had some issues within the first 4 minutes of the race, but managed to overcome them and ran a consistent race to the end.

Team JDF driving a Mugen MGT7 was undoubtable the fastest car of the day, but the Team, led by upcoming youngster Jason Givans, also struggled with several issues that plagued them throughout the race. They were still able to fight their way from position 5 to finish second place.

Team .5 managed to hold down third place driving their Kyosho Inferno GT2 chassis. Led by young Jason Chen, they also had their share of issues during the race which saw them finishing with car with only front wheel drive. They were able to hold off Team Untouchable and clipped the third place position.
Chad Chang’s Team Untouchable & Izett McCalla’s Team Last Minute rounded up the top five finishing 4th and 5th respectively