2015 Big Bend Off-Road Shootout report



Race Report by Chris Giraldo:
For the first time in three years the Big Bend Off-Road Shootout presented racers with ideal weather conditions for the event. RC Trackmaster’s (PNB, Wicked Weekend, SIC) formulated a layout with an emphasis on flow and forgiveness. This created more opportunities for intense racing action while reducing wear and tear on the vehicles. Racers started piling in early Friday morning for practice.

36 hours of practice and nothing over 15% on the weather forecast, what could go wrong? Practice was running smoothly and the facility was a packed house all day. Everyone seemed very pleased with the layout and surface conditions up until 5pm. At 5pm the rain stopped by the track and said, “Hey, hello, how are you?” It was five hours of that nonsense until she rudely departed in the middle of the evening. A few groups still making the trip over decided to cut their losses and head back home. A hand full of racers packed up and left. Flowing rivers on a track will do that to people, understandably so.
Nevertheless, the track crew was ready. After the rain stopped the track crew swept all the standing water off the surface and waited for reinforcements coming in the morning. 150 racers ended up committing to the event. It paid off. By 2pm Saturday races started on a somewhat decently packed and dry surface. The race program adjusted to the weather delay by running two rounds of qualifying, each heat 6 minutes long. The night ended around 9pm.
Mains day started out busy. Racers packed the pits preparing vehicles to bump up through the lower mains. All Electric and Pro Nitro racers were facing double A-mains, preparation was key to success! The entire day was stacked with exciting racing and endless prizes. A successful 3rd Annual Big Bend Off-Road Shootout is in the books.

Open 2wd SC

Open 2WD SCT
1st – Rick Gilbert
2nd – Richard Carter
3rd – Keith Bellflower [TQ]

Sportsman Buggy

1/8th Sportsman Nitro Buggy
1st – Craig Young
2nd – Casey Wilson [TQ]
3rd – Telley Young

Sportsman E Buggy

1/8th Sportsman Electric Buggy
1st – Daniel Chavez
2nd – Daniel Hutto [TQ]
3rd – Brian Lewis

Sportsman Truggy

1/8th Sportsman Nitro Truggy
1st – Telley Young
2nd – Brian Phillips
3rd – Craig Young [TQ]

4wd SC

Open 4WD SCT
1st – John Allen Corry
2nd – Joel Gardner
3rd – Jamie Joiner
Landen Lewis [TQ]

Sportsman E Truggy

1/8th Sportsman Electric Truggy
1st – Allen Krier
2nd – Jamie Joiner
3rd – Allan Dullivan
[TQ] – Sebastian Vasan

Pro E Truggy

1/8th Pro Electric Truggy
1st – Chris Giraldo
2nd – Tilar Pollack [TQ]
3rd – John Arnold

Pro E buggy

1/8th Pro Electric Buggy
1st – Landen Lewis [TQ]
2nd – Jader Lopez
3rd – John Bernard Jr.

Pro Truggy

1/8th Pro Nitro Truggy
1st – Cole Ogden
2nd – Eddy Cordoba
3rd – Alfredo Arrieta

 Pro Buggy

1/8th Pro Nitro Buggy
1st – Cole Ogden [TQ]
2nd – Eddy Cordoba
3rd – Jader Lopez