Word of Wheels: Winning against the ‘Pro Drivers’ of life


Word of Wheels

Have you ever attended a local race, when a pro driver shows up un-announced? When this occurs, 99% of the racers immediately give up on their ‘dream’ of winning the A-Main, and settle for second place before the race even starts. Unfortunately, this mentality isn’t limited to just the R/C car track, as it is seen throughout life in general. I’ve seen this more and more in and out of the racing scene, and while hired to write about R/C cars…today I have chosen to write a bit about life instead.

At one time we were ALL kids. As kids there was no struggle, no excuse, no reason that could stop us from being famous movie stars, professional football players, astronauts, or the wildest cowboy in the west. Somewhere along the road of ‘growing up’, we let the struggle, excuses, and ‘pro driver appearances’ change our minds.

Often the ‘pro driver’ (struggle/excuse) to give up on our dreams is bankruptcy, divorce, illness, injury, lack of knowledge, and the list goes on and on and on. All of these are very serious issues and struggles, but are they enough to stop you from doing what you love?

Why Not

As a young kid, I dreamed of being a professional motocross racer. After becoming paralyzed from the chest down in 2006, according to the doctors, society, and onlookers, my dream of being a professional racer was paralyzed as well. Over the past 9 years, I have continued to ask the same question, “Why? Why can’t a no-name kid from a small town, with no use of the lower half of his body, and with no connections to the professional racing world, chase and achieve his dream of being a professional racer?”

When I ask the question, I seem to get the same response time and time again; a slight chuckle, a “Mike your crazy…”, and nothing more.

Window Shot

While I grew up on two wheels, I have set out to pursue a professional racing career on four wheels in the offroad racing scene. How am I going to do it? Not a clue. What is my plan to earn my way into the offroad racing community? Not a clue. Who will give me a chance? Not a clue. Will I answer my questions and achieve my goal? Not a clue.


Answering these questions and achieving my goal of becoming a professional race car driver is my dream, but more importantly, inspiring just ONE individual out there to chase their dream, build the mental confidence that no ‘pro driver’ (struggle/excuse) can defeat, and live their life to the fullest…THAT is my ultimate goal.

Anything is possible, it’s up to you to prove it…

Moral of the story: Don’t let surprise pro driver appearances at the local R/C track make you lose sight of your dream to win the A-Main. Likewise, don’t let the struggles, excuses, and nay-sayers in life make you lose sight of your dreams and what truly makes you happy.

Video courtesy of 5150 Media Productions. Photos courtesy of 5150 Media Productions & PodiumSXS.com