Brilliant RC introduces 1/8 onroad 6S 4450mAh LiPo pack


Brilliant RC Onroad LiPo

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This is the first Brilliant RC high quality competition battery especially designed for 1/8 onroad cars. As the huge weight of the battery should be placed in the center of the car for a balanced handling various 1/8 electric on-road cars need a special battery configuration. Developed with a leading battery manufacturer Brilliant RC now offers a suitable battery pack with a size of 93x70x42mm that can be used in the Shepherd Velox E8, Capricorn LAB E 801 as well as aftermarket upgrade kits for Serpent and Mugen. For best power transmission the battery comes equipped with 5.5mm gold connectors, a male plug at positive and a female connector at the negative pole. With a capacity of 4450mAh it offers maximum racetime while it’s still under the crucial 100Wh shipping limit.