Racers Edge unveils new ‘Silver Edition’ RaceCase Hauler Bag


Racers Edge Bag

Racers Edge has expanded their popular RaceCase Hauler Bag line by introducing the all-new “Silver Edition” Hauler Bag. The RaceCase Hauler Bag works great for two 1/10 scale buggies or one 1/10 short course truck. You can stow two 2WD or two 4WD buggies in the main compartment with the tires and wings mounted, or one 2WD or one 4WD short course truck with the tires and body mounted (with the center shelf divider removed). There is also in internal transmitter wall that can be used to compartmentalize a storage space for your radio.

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There are also two external pockets with tough zippers for extra storage. The removable tool tray can stow nine drivers snug inside elastic loops and can easily Velcro in and out of the bag to go to your bench or pit space at the track. Reinforced carry handles in two locations offer comfortable carrying positions no matter what you’re transporting! The shoulder strap also offers a hands free carrying position for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. All these features make RaceCase the Ultimate Transport Bag!

This bag ships flat, but once the internal radio compartment divider is installed it really takes and holds it shape. The walls have plastic inserts built in too for added strength and rigidity. The outside dimensions are 27 inches long, 9 inches wide and 12 inches tall. The car carrying cargo area is 23 inches deep.