Serpent machines new Spyder 1/10 shock caps, pistons, & x-rings


Serpent Spyder Shock Parts

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Serpent has just released a fresh lineup of new option shock parts for the Spyder 1/10 scale vehicle range. The new parts include CNC machined lower shock caps, pre-oiled shock ‘x-rings’, and square machined pistons.

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CNC Machined Lower Shock Caps
These caps are made in black anodized 7075 T6 aluminium and machined after for looks and better grip. The caps offer superb guidance of the shock rod.

Pre-Oiled Shock ‘X-Rings’
The special compound silicone x-rings, which are part of the shock seal package for the Spyder race-cars, are pre-soaked in high quality silicone oil for a minimum of 48 hours, which will ensure they have the right size when you assemble the shocks and no leaking will occur. The seal package with these x-rings is super smooth and will remain like that for and extended amount of time. These x-rings are already standard in the SRX4 kits and other kits will follow soon.

Square Machined Shock Pistons
Precision machined form bar-material for a perfect fit.

  • 500488  Shock piston square machined 2-hole 1.3 (4)
  • 500489  Shock piston square machined 3-hole 1.2 (4)
  • 500490  Shock piston square machined 4-hole 1.1 (4)