Josh Pain takes E-Buggy win at 2015 ACT State Titles



The 2015 ACT State Titles race was held in Australia recently, in which 120 Entries was the limit, and every position was filled. A wet track on the first two days meant setups were changing a lot. Qualifying saw XRAY’s Ari Bakla taking 3 out of 4 rounds in the E-Buggy class, earning him the overall TQ. The E-Buggy finals consisted of three 10-minute races, which would turn into an all out brawl between Bakla and the SWORKz of Josh Pain.


Final #1 saw Ari and Josh Pain break out from the pack, battling for the first 5 minutes. A mistake by Josh saw Ari pull away to a 8 second lead. With 2 minutes to go Ari started slowing and Josh was catching, looked as though his batteries were just running out of power, last lap, last corner, last jump… Ari rolled and Josh passed through for the win by just .02 of a second.

Final #2 was much the same as Final #1, Ari and Josh again pulled and battled, Ari gapped when Josh made a small mistake. Again Ari had issues with a car that stopped, later finding out that a ESC Fan stopped working and an ESC Thermal ended his race. Pain would go on to win the final, and the overall. Dallas Gardiner pulling through for 2nd place and Peter O’Brien 3rd.

Final #3 Josh had taken the overall win with 2 first places, so it was all down to the final podium places. Ari dominated the last final and setting the track record for EP. Dallas Gardiner a strong second and Peter again 3rd.


Top 10 Results:

  1. Josh Pain – SWORKz
  2. Ari Bakla – XRAY
  3. Dallas Gardiner – Mugen
  4. Peter O’Brien – Tekno
  5. Nathan Tanti – TLR
  6. Gavin White – Mugen
  7. Kym Goodridge – Mugen
  8. Gavin Dawson – Kyosho
  9. Simon Roberts – Kyosho
  10. Zelko Radacic – Kyosho