M2C holds it all in with new ‘Clutch Bell Retaining Washer’


M2C Clutch Retainer

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M2C Racing has just released their newest idea; the ‘Clutch Bell Retaining Washer’. This little washer captures the bearing and clutch bell to keep everything in place, even in the event of bearing failure. There is a small step on the bearing side that keeps the bearing shield from hitting the washer, and allows the clutch bell to spin freely while trapping the bearings and shield in place. With this $5 purchase, it could potentially save you a $100 fix as often times when a clutch bearing fails it ends in catastrophic damage to the clutch bell, spur gear, possibly the fuel tank, and more. Designed to retain a 5×10 bearing, and will work on all vehicles where the clutch bell and bearings sit flush with the end of the crank.

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