Andrew Webber sweeps New Zealand Indoor Nats


Webber Champ

The 2015 New Zealand Indoor Offroad Nationals Champs were held on the 16/17 August 2015. The event was hosted by the Hamilton Radio Control Car Club at their indoor racing facility. The indoor carpet track provided quick laps and exciting racing the entire weekend. A new layout is produced for every event so new lines and setup changes were on the cards for all competitors. The indoor scene in New Zealand has seen a shift away from open motors to a 10.5 motor limit in all classes of indoor offroad racing. Control tyres were also enforced with 6MIK Crunch and Schumacher Mini Pins the only two options permitted for the event.

REDS Racing team driver, Andrew Webber, stole the show as he piloted his way to an impressive victory in both 2wd and 4wd buggy classes with the newly released REDS TX120 ESC and VX motors.

Final Results:

2WD 10.5 Buggy

  1. Andrew Webber
  2. Jordan Burley
  3. Nathan Toia
  4.  Nick Moore
  5. Shane Gollop
  6. Brett Waudby
  7. Scott Brownhill
  8. Joe Daniels
  9. Steve Loomes
  10. Glen Clarke

4WD 10.5 Buggy

  1. Andrew Webber
  2. 2Scott Brownhill
  3. Shane Gollop
  4. Nathan Toia
  5. Brett Waudby
  6. Nick Moore
  7. Steve Loomes
  8. Scott Kendall
  9. Glen Clarke
  10. Joe Daniels