Nicholas Lee wins AOC Rd.3 on the rooftop



See: Serpent
The 3rd round of the Asian On-Road Championships organized by world renowned race organizer Scotty Ernst took place in Singapore, at the Urban Playspace track which is located at the rooftop in the city. Despite a low turnout for the event, competition was high with most of Singapore’s top drivers present along with a few counterparts from Malaysia. 


Qualifying in the elite Modified Touring class saw Nicholas Lee taking the top spot with Serpent’s Daryl Thong second and PY Tang third. Lee would go on to cruise to victory taking both A1 and A2 wins with ease. Nicholas Lee would win A3 to secure second overall, with PY Tang finishing an overall third.

Final Results (A Main Modified)

  1. Nicholas Lee
  2. Daryl Thong
  3. PY Tang
  4. Esmail Apandi
  5. Norazam
  6. Shahrin
  7. Dominic Quek
  8. Dennis Chiang