MIP delivers new Losi 5IVE-T ‘Super Diff Kit’


MIP 5IVE-T Super Diff

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Whether it be 1000wt or 1 million wt. oil inside your differentials they still work hard to get you around the track, but what more could you want out of your differentials? The answer is: improved efficiency, enhanced durability, and less overall weight! Just like for the SCTE 1/10 scale platform MIP introduces the ‘Super Diff Kit’ for your Losi 5IVE-T gear differentials.

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“So what did we do to improve the 5T diff? Well we first updated the cross pins to the 21st century with high quality 7075 Aluminum lightening up the cross pins by a whopping 30% equating to less overall rotating mass, also there is a spiral machine cut in the hard anodized cross pin to help improve oil cooling. Along with the cross pin update we machined all new high quality one-piece stand offs that keep all the cross pins and gears in perfect alignment equating to longer more smooth action out of your differentials and gears. And last but not least, we updated the sun gear washer to a very high quality steel that will help improve diff life. Get what your 5T differentials need, get the super diff kit!”