JConcepts ‘Finnishes’ the B5 & B5M with new wings



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Aerodynamics is a key point on any vehicle and in particular, 1/10 offroad vehicles. A drivers aero package consists of the vehicle type, body style and finally the finishing touch, the wing (or wings in this case). JConcepts regularly experiments with aero features throughout the entire product line, primarily bodies and wings. They have just released new B5M ‘Finnisher’ rear wing, which is accompanied by their new B5 and B5M ‘Finnisher’ front wings. Front wings are not a new concept, however, they are new to the latest generation of mid-motor vehicles and demanding high-speed and grippy circuits. The new front wings include both narrow and wide designs fit for the B5 and B5M.

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0151_600px 0149_600px 0148_600px 0150_600px

  • Part # – 0148, narrow (fits B5 front suspension)
  • Part # – 0149, wide (fits B5 front suspension)
  • Part # – 0150, narrow (fits B5M front suspension)
  • Part # – 0151, wide (fits B5M front suspension)