Schelle releases new AE V2 flat & tapered 12mm shock pistons

Schelle Pistons
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With the release of the latest V2 “screw-on” style Team Associated 3mm shock shaft, Schelle has the perfect 12mm shock pistons to meet your track tuning needs.  Available in the popular sizes 2×1.6, 2×1.7 and 3×1.4, Schelle offers each size in either a traditional flat piston or in our bevel design.

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  • CNC precision machined from Delrin (TM).
  • Fits V2 “screw-on” shock shafts for buggy or truck.
  • Precision cut outer diameter with smooth machined outer edge.
  • Tight fit to shock body reduces wasted “blow by” around piston edges.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Package contains 2 pistons, tuning guide, and bevel piston supplement.
Bevel pistons have a 45 degree bevel edge on the bottom side which allows for quicker rebound damping.   Because the bevel does not cut across the piston hole as in a “taper” piston, racers can use the same fluid thickness as the compression stroke is unaffected compared to a flat piston.  However, there are several benefits to the quicker rebound from a bevel edge piston.
Quicker rebound damping (rebound= extension) means that the shock can more quickly respond after bumps in the track, keeping the tires in contact with the surface instead of hopping.   Also on large jump landings, the lighter rebound damping keeps the wheels on the track as the chassis recovers from bottoming.   This translates to added stability and predictability in the rear suspension.  Recommended for rear of 2wd and 4wd vehicles.   2×1.6 start with 27.5wt oil, 2×1.7 start with 30wt oil, 3×1.4 start with 30wt oil.    Bevel pistons in the front suspension give much faster steering reaction, typically flat pistons are recommended in the front suspension.