JConcepts releases new stadium truck & SC ‘Smoothies’


JC Truck Tires

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Now, with JConcepts, stadium truck and short course truck racers have the slick option straight out of the package; also known as Smoothies. Released as a 2.2” bead mounting diameter, the JConcepts Smoothies mount straight to the latest generation wheels for that all important reactive feel. The carefully profiled tire carcass rolls through the turns with efficiency while the maximum smooth surface area grips the specialty surfaces like no other. The Smoothies include Dirt-Tech 2.2” inserts which have made an immediate presence on the racing scene since their release. The identifiable gray color with custom sculpted features, are blended into the newly developed insert material which provide racers a durable option capable of being used in medium to extremely high-traction conditions. After completely mounting the tires to wheels, it is recommended to scuff the slick tires with sandpaper or scouring pad to have a slightly dull or rough finish to begin practice or racing.

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