Interview: Adam Drake Talks Career, Cars, & More


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When we think of the Wall Street Journal we think of Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and now Adam Drake. After his recent superstar appearance in the nationwide newspaper, we decided to sit down with the legend to chat about his career, his racing, and more!

RCN: Adam Drake…always a favorite to sit down for a chat with! What’s new in the world of ‘The Drake’? We understand you are working full-time now for Mugen Seiki Racing, tell us a bit about that.

Adam: Hello and thanks for the interview. Yes, I’ve been working Mugen Seiki Racing now for about six months. It’s been an awesome experience and I’m proud to work for and represent the Mugen Seiki brand.

RCN: With your wisdom and expertise, are you playing in R&D as well?

Adam: Yes, a large portion of my time is spent on research and development, racing, and marketing for Mugen Seiki Racing.

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RCN: Tell us a little bit about Flash Point, it’s relation to Mugen Seiki Racing, and what the brand has to offer.

Adam: Flash Point fairly new brand. Flash Point started as a performance fuel brand for both off-road and on-road, but we’re starting to expand the brand and were currently offering items such as receiver batteries, 1/10th foam sedan tires, and 1/8th foam tires. Look for a lot of new and exciting items from Flash Point R/C in the near future.

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RCN: With the new job, do you plan to cut back on your personal racing program?

Adam: I don’t have plans to cut back on racing, if anything this has been an extremely busy year for me in terms of travel and racing. It’s extremely important to continue racing to have a good understanding of the market and our consumers need.

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RCN: The 2016 IFMAR 1/8 Worlds will be held on American soil, who do you feel is Mugen’s strongest chance of winning the title?

Adam: We have a little over a year before the Worlds Championship in Las Vegas and I feel Mugen has a strong team heading into the event with Robert Batlle, Lee Martin, Barry Pettit, and myself. The worlds is always a pretty crazy event. I can’t wait!

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RCN: Will we see a new buggy perhaps unveiled from Mugen for the prestigious event (as we have for many of the past IFMAR Worlds events)?

Adam: I’m not sure if we’ll have a new buggy for the worlds, but we’ve been testing a lot and always trying to make the product the best it can be.

Adam Drake E Buggy 2

RCN: Speaking of buggy, in many parts of the country (and world) it seems as though Electric 1/8 Buggy has taken popularity over the nitro side of things. Why do you think this is, and will it last?

Adam: I think it really depends on where you live and where you’re racing. Electric 1/8th racing is gaining popularity because equipment is more durable an user friendly. I also believe guys enjoy the speed and power of electric 1/8th scale without having to break-in and tune an engine and well as not needing a pit guy. I believe 1/8th nitro is still a larger market globally, but it’s cool to see both types of 1/8th off-road racing going strong.

E Buggy Worlds

RCN: Do you think we will ever see an IFMAR 1/8 E-Buggy World Championship?

Adam: I hope so. I think it’s only a matter of time before we see a 1/8th Electric World Championship. Maybe we could do a provisional class at the Worlds in 2016?

Astro WOrlds
Photo by Youzoh Furudate

RCN: On the topic of World Championships, what are your thoughts on the all astro-turf 1/10 World Championships in Japan? Is it still considered offroad in your eyes?

Adam: I would prefer to see the event on dirt, but over time things change. Change isn’t always a bad thing, change can be great and open a lot of new doors and bring more excitement to our industry. We everyone started running mid-motor 2wd cars we thought it was crazy, now it’s the norm.. From a track owner’s standpoint I think we’ll start seeing a lot more carpet and astro off-road tracks. It’s a lot cleaner, cheaper, and easier to maintain.

Ryan Maifield

RCN: Who do you feel will be crowned the 2wd and 4wd World Champions on such a unique track?

Adam: I would have to say Matsukura is the favorite in 4wd and Lee Martin in 2wd, however, I’m pulling for the Americans and would like to see Maifield take home the title.

RCN: Do you miss racing 1/10 scale?

Adam: Yes, I do miss running 1/10 offroad, but my true passion is for 1/8 nitro. I may try to do a little 1/10 offroad this winter. We’ll see what happens.

Adam Drake and Rossi

RCN: Unfortunately the industry lost a legend recently with the passing of Novarossi founder Cesar Rossi. You have held a very close relationship with Novarossi and the Rossi family for many years. What is your fondest memory of Cesar?

Adam: Cesar is a true legend! My fondest memory of Cesar is seeing his passion for nitro engines and the R/C industry first hand. Cesar truly loved racing!

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RCN: Do you have any major plans remaining for 2015?

Adam: 2015 has been a great year and I have lots of events planned between now and the end of the year. As for major plans? We’ll see what happens… haha!

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RCN: Well Adam, from the looks of things you were working hard before we showed up to interrupt the work day, we will let you get back to it! Thank you for chatting with us, is there anything you’d like to add before we go?

Adam: Thank you for the opportunity to talk with RCNews and thank you to my amazing wife Ronda, and all my sponsors!