Team Corally introduces new high-voltage servos


Corally Servos

Source: Corally
Team Corally presents two new servos; the CS-5016 and the CS-5026. Both servos feature digital high-voltage technology up to 8,4V with high-performance coreless motors. The Team Corally servos are water-resistant, super robust and exceptional precise. Tested for a long period by Corally team drivers to ensure the optimal performance and durability. The full CNC machined aluminium case guarantees best cooling for the coreless motor and the electronics. The full set of ultra precise Titanium gears provide ultra smooth and slob free operation. The CS-5016 is built for high-speed applications with a speed of 0,05 sec/60° and 16.5 kg/cm torque, where the the CS-5026 is built for high-torque applications with a incredible speed of 0,07 sec/60° and 25,6 kg/cm torque.