ECX takes it on two wheels with new ‘Outburst’


ECX Bike

Explode off the line, tilt into turns and get prepared to turn heads with the maximum ferocity 1/14-scale ECX Outburst Motorcycle. This unstoppable motorcycle puts a new spin on the breakneck durability that put the ECX vehicles on the map. Big on looks and convenience, the compact Outburst features an eye-catching trim scheme, convenient USB charger as well as a working ultra-bright LED headlight and taillight. Best of all, an internal gyro keeps the Outburst centered while turning arms keep the motorcycle stable and scratch-free no matter how much you tilt.


  • Internal Stabilization Gyro – Whenever you drive the Outburst an internal gyro keeps the motorcycle upright and headed where you want without any wobble.
  • Side Balancing Turning Arms- Side balancing bumpers enable the Outburst to get upright with ease and protect the trim scheme from scuffs and scratches.
  • Working LED Headlight & Taillight- High-intensity LEDs make it easy to spot the Outburst whenever you drive.
  • USB Charger- Convenient quick charger plugs directly into Outburst and makes it easy to get back driving whenever you’re near a USB port.
  • Front And Rear Suspension- A robust suspension system provides hard-hitting durability and helps the Outburst stay stable and driving when the going gets tough.

Source: ECX