Tekno RC releases new ET48.3 1/8 E-Truggy kit


Tekno ET48.3

Following the recent release of the EB48.3 edition 1/8 buggy, Tekno RC has announced the new ET48.3 truggy. Tekno says, “Since the release of the original ET48 in December of 2013, we have been continually improving our products. Over the years we have tested hundreds of parts, released dozens of meaningful options, and we have improved the overall setup of the ET48. The original ET48 was a huge improvement on the truggy platform in general and has enjoyed incredible success around the world. Now it’s time to introduce the ET48.3 – the new standard in the 1/8th Electric Truggy class.”

Tekno ET48.3 6 Tekno ET48.3 5 Tekno ET48.3 4 Tekno ET48.3 2

ET48.3 New Features:

  • New trailing front spindles and spindle carriers
  • New V2 hinge pin braces and inserts
  • New clamping spring perches with captured shock boots
  • New rear hubs
  • Low profile wing mount
  • Revised bumper for increased ground clearance
  • New split center differential mount
  • New straight turnbuckle rod ends
  • New tapered aluminum front center driveshaft
  • New easily adjustable droop screws
  • Revised shock standoffs for easier droop measurement
  • Updated setup sheet for improved handling

Source: Tekno RC