TLR unveils new 22-4 ‘Shorty’ chassis conversion kit


TLR 22-4 Shorty Chassis

As the TLR Race Team continues to push the envelope of performance for the 22-4, they have found the weight distribution and overall balance of the 22-4 to be much better when running a “shorty” LiPo on the left side of the chassis and mounting the ESC on the right. This moves the weight a little more forward overall, improves the corner weight balance, and reduces the total weight by 75-100g (depending on the battery pack used). This new configuration is nothing new, however, previously required some home-made modifications to the stock chassis to make it work. This setup was used on most all TLR 22-4 setups since mid-2014 including Ryan Maifield’s 2015 Reedy Race Champion setup. The new ‘Shorty Chassis Conversion Kit’ is designed as a direct replacement, no other parts or modifications are needed to convert to your 22-4!

Source: TLR