Holst wins Danish TC Nationals RD3 with VBC



Race Report by: VBC Racing
The third round of the Danish Championships where held in Vejle, at their supercool track. The main straight is huge, with a banked corner at the end, but the infield is still technical and challenging. Perfect for racing, especially when the weather is nice and sunny, like we were blessed with this time. Saturday everyone had a fair amount of practice at the track, and it was obvious that the race would be very close among the 4-5 fastest SuperStock drivers.

The first round of qualifying was a close battle between Frederik Broloes and Soeren Boy Holst, who was driving with his new VBC Ghost Evo Carbon. Soeren had a 360’ spin on the main straight on round 7, but catched up to Frederik in the end, and won with 0,03 of a second.

Second round was just as close, this time with Steven Olsen joining the fun. But at lap 8 Steven made a mistake that costed 6 seconds and at the same lap Soeren decided to visit the grass, and afterwards decided to stop and preserve the tires for the last round. Frederik had an easy win for Q2.

For the third and decisive round, Soeren changed the angle of the front camber links with 2mm. Once again all the spectators could be please with very close racing all the way through the heat, with only 1 second between the top 3 drivers, and Nicolai Nielsen close behind. – Soeren showed his class and won Q3 in front of Frederik, and Steven.

The top 5 result after the qualification:

  1. Søren Boy Holst VBC Ghost Evo Carbon

  2. Frederik Broløs Yokomo

  3. Steven Olsen Schumacher

  4. Kevin Nielsen Xray

  5. Nicolai Nielsen Serpent

All drivers were ready and excited for the finals, as they know it would be close racing, and one minor mistake would change the positions completely.
The first 4 laps were very close between Frederik and Steven, so Soeren was able to pull a gap in front. Steven retired, and in the meantime it was Soeren Slot who found the way from start position 7 to the third place. The excitement of the race came back on the last lap when Soeren had to pass a back-marker, who made a mistake, so the body of Soerens car got caught under the wheel. One full lap like that and Frederik were less than a second behind, but then the final were over.

In the second final, it was suddenly Nicolai Nielsen who found some speed, and took the third spot from Steven at the first lap. In front Soeren cruised with very stable lap times, to take the overall victory ahead of Frederik.

As the victory was secured, Soeren decided to treat the tires different for the last final, just to gain knowledge. He took the lead for the first half of the final, and could watch some close battles behind. Soeren Slot, Carsten Madsen, Frederik and Nicolai were fighting close. In front Soeren was to relaxed and send the car to the grass, handing over the lead to Carsten, who took the win in front of Frederik and Soeren.

The top 5 result of the Danish Championships third round:

  1. Søren Boy Holst VBC Ghost Evo Carbon

  2. Frederik Broløs Yokomo

  3. Carsten Madsen Gizmo

  4. Søren Slot T.O.P.

  5. Nicolai Nielsen Serpent

A great race is over, and the drivers are now looking forward for the final race in Odense, at the end of August.