Why do racers attend ‘Big Races’?


Big Race Poll

Whether you race onroad or offroad, 1/10 scale or 1/8 scale, or all of the above…one thing remains the same. Racers flock week after week to find the ‘big race’ events to participate in. Whether it be a ‘big race’ at your local track offering up trophies or cash payback, or a ‘big race’ hundreds of miles away gathering the worlds top drivers looking for a championship…they are all considered ‘big races’. The question of the day is – What attracts racers to attend these ‘big races’? Is it to race with the pros? Is it to win a trophy or perhaps some cash? Is it simply to hang out with the crowd? WHY do YOU as a racer find, travel, and attend big R/C races…or do you?




  • Shaun Duffy

    It’s a shame we can only choose one option in the poll.

  • Shawn_S

    I think one of the most popular reasons isn’t included, and that is planning. Today, many jobs aren’t 9-5, M-F, and attending ‘big races’ is a way of planning ahead for [almost] guaranteed races. I personally have to ask for Saturday’s off @ work, and its extremely disappointing to have a club race not race due to turn outs, or weather.

    Parents have kid duties, and planning for a couple weekends of out the year to go to a couple big events, is definitely easier than bailing every Saturday or Sunday to go club race.