RCShox introduces new ‘TriFex’ 12mm 1/10 offroad pistons



RCShox has released their their new ‘TriFex’ piston design! Designed by the pro’s for the pros, using billet CNC machined Delrin for both the base and for the insert, which means no need to worry about materials that absorb the oils and eventually fade. With them you get precise valving with no guess work. The new TriFex 12mm 1/10 piston kits are available in three different configurations; basic, expert and pro. All of them have a range of 3 hole 1.3 and 1.4 compression and 3 hole 1.5 and 1.6 on rebound. The Basic kit will consist of (4)1.4 compression inserts and (4) 1.6 rebound pistons, the Expert kit is the same except you get the optional 1.3 compression inserts, and the Pro kit gives you (8) rebound pistons 1.5 ,1.6 and (8) compression inserts 1.3 ,1.4.