VBC Racing unveils new ‘Ghost EVO Ryan Maker Spec’ touring car



To celebrate the success with VBC Racing and Australian National Champion Ryan Maker, VBC Racing is proud to present the VBC Racing Ghost EVO RM Spec 1/10 touring car kit. The new kit includes all of the option parts you need to bring you to the winning circle, as Ryan has done on many occasions.

D-05-VBC-CK19G D-05-VBC-CK19J D-05-VBC-CK19F D-05-VBC-CK19E D-05-VBC-CK19D D-05-VBC-CK19C D-05-VBC-CK19B D-05-VBC-CK19A

Option Parts Include:

  • B-02-G-40362 GhostEVO Camber Link Adjuster
  • D-05-VBC-0055 VBC Racing Two-Piece Joint Drive Axle Set
  • D-05-VBC-0065 Center Suspension Mount (X/Y-C05)
  • B-02-VBC-0062 Center Suspension Mount (C0)
  • D-05-VBC-0033 WildFire Center Suspension Shim (1mm, 0.5mm)
  • B-02-VBC-0096 Titanium Coated Upright Shaft
  • B-02-VBC-0098 Titanium Coated Suspension Arm Pin
  • B-02-VBC-3031 Titanium Coated Shock Shaft for TBB Shocks
  • A-03-VBC-0077 Shaft End Shoe (Self Lubricating)
  • B-02-VBC-0095 Titanium Coated Center Shaft Pin