Schumacher develops new Cougar KF2 Mid Motor Conversion kit


Cougar Mid Motor Conversion

The world of 2wd 1/10 offroad is constantly on the move. With differing track surfaces, high, medium and low grip, the nature of a 2wd off-roader can’t stand still for long. Schumacher Engineers have once again been working hard to provide the best package, and are pleased to bring a Mid Motor Conversion for the popular Cougar KF2. The Mid Motor Conversion means that racing on low and medium traction conditions such as dirt and sandy/dusty astro just got easier.


The conversion moves the motor cluster back by 19mm and puts the battery in front of the motor. The included carbon fibre chassis accepts all motor positions, Standard, Low grip and Mid as well as all lipo layouts. The shift gives the KF2 more rear traction and allows the power to be transmitted easier into forward bite and acceleration. The chassis accepts normal height shorty lipos, to maximise traction on very low grip conditions a low profile LiPo could be used such as the Intellect IPCC2S3500V9 or the LCG NOSRAM NR999523.

Please note that the body requires a small modification to clear the spur and side gear cover or a modified body is available, part U5133.