TLR releases new 22-4 caster blocks & belt inserts


TLR Options

Team Losi Racing continues to release additional option parts for the 22-4 1/10 4wd buggy. The latest option parts include aluminum 12.5 degree front caster blocks and ‘0’ belt inserts.

“As the TLR Race Team continues to push the envelope of performance for the 22-4, they have found themselves torn between the advantages of 10 degree and 15 degree caster blocks. We then prototyped some 12.5 degree caster blocks, and found these to have the best traits from both the 10 and 15 degree options. Now, the team just doesn’t take them off J. This new part is used on many key TLR 22-4 setups including Ryan Maifield’s 2015 Reedy Race Champion setup. Designed as a direct replacement, no other parts are needed to mount to your 22-4!

The TLR Race team had found that a slightly tighter front belt setting was needed on higher grip tracks, to reduce/eliminate belt skip. We’ve found this front belt setting to work well in all conditions. Also, they could easily run modified with the side belt using the loosest (#1) tensioners, and an even looser option was needed for SPEC racing. After lots of testing, we’ve found the “0” side belt inserts to work well for most mod and spec racers in their 22-4s. All parts is a direct fit replacement part that requires no other parts or modifications.”

Source: TLR