JConcepts releases ‘Exoskelton’ 1/10 shock stand


JConcepts Exo Shock Stand

Shock performance is critical and in the increasingly popular 1/10th offroad genre, everything matters. One of the hottest trends involves taking the necessary time to build and prepare race shocks and not rushing the process. As a shock build reaches the all important time of a fluid fill, it’s important to have an upright holder to place each shock in during the build. JConcepts introduces a simple but attractive shock stand for 1/10th offroad shock applications.

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The design is unique featuring an Exoskeleton look where ribbing and surrounding geometry forms around the cylindrical holes used to place the shocks. The stands are molded from a durable and light-weight material typically used in an application such as wheels and suspension components. The pass-through holes allow the user to use the stand from either end to suit their individual need or taste. The stand sits inside a separately functioning molded rubber cup with embossed JConcepts.net logos patterned around the surface.

Source: JConcepts