Wagner Manuel fights off the heat for LRP/HPI Challenge win


v_Podium photo (1)

The 19th round of the LRP/HPI Challenge was held in Andernack, a very popular track in Germany. The race attracted 50 drivers who were divided in 4 classes : Rookie, Classic, Stock 17.5t + GT and Stock 10.5t. The track is big, but the layout was very technical. The traction was pretty good from the begining, but the extremely hot condition (39°C in the air and more than 60°C on the track) made the race very difficult, especially in the afternoon.

XRAY’s Wagner Manuel fought hard through the steamy conditions to qualify first in the Stock 10.5 TC class. He then went on to win win all three finals, clinching the overall win for the day.

Stock 10.5t Top 3:

  1. Wagner Manuel
  2. Thorsten Zorn
  3. Thomas Isbert

Source: XRAY