Hagberg wins Euros Warm-Up in Turkey


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The warm-up race for the upcoming European Championships was held at the EFMOD track in Izmir, Turkey. This impressive facility with a brand new track, also hosted the Turkish Nationals at the same time. The track is very long, with a laptime around 25 seconds. The curbs are quite unforgiving, but the asphalt itself is perfectly flat and provides very good grip. In the main final XRAY’s Alexander Hagberg ran a trouble free race to secure the win in front of Dirk Wichnewski by about half a lap. Mustafa Alp managed to take the 3rd and final podium position after a great drive.

Top 10 results:

  1. Alexander Hagberg
  2. Dirk Wichnewski
  3. Mustafa Alp
  4. Halit Korpe
  5. Spiros Piknis
  6. Taner Timurlenk
  7. Haluk Soyyoruk
  8. Umut Öztümen
  9. Lambros Tsikilitiras
  10. Nikolaos Nikiforos

Source: XRAY