Factory RC carves out new D413 ‘Odd/Even’ Steering Block Arms


Factory RC D413 Arms

Factory RC’s latest creation is the new D413 Odd/Even Steering Block Arms. Now you no longer need to by 4 or 5 different steering arms at premium prices, you can get 4 sets for the price of 2! Choose the “Odd” Steering arm set and get 3’s and 5’s for you D413. Choose the “Even” Steering arms to get 4’s and 6’s! Make quick and fast adjustments by simply swapping the ball stud. The Odd/Even Steering Block Arms are made from top quality 2.5mm carbon fiber that will drop right onto your D413 steering knuckles and provide that “Factory” fit. Arms are marked with a “O” and “E” for easy identification. Sold in pairs(L&R).

Steering Arm Odd Steering Arm Even

Source: Factory RC