East of England Rd.3 wrap up from Colchester


EoE Colchester

Report by Colin Parsfield
Round 3 of the EoE took place on Sunday 28th June at CMCC’s Easthorpe venue just off the A12. The track is 100% grass, and despite the appearance in photos of being flat, it was far from this with many natural undulations. From the start line you headed through a quick chicane into a gradual left sweep which dropped away before a tightening left hook which was right on a crest of a bump. After a quick right hairpin, blast along a short straight you spun around to face the monster straight along the back of the circuit. Despite being a straight it was far from simple as half way along there was a series of crests, dips and bumps which caught more than a few drivers out during the day. If you reached the end of the straight an opening left hand bend sent you into a series right left right twists heading back towards the rostrum. An open chicane led you to a final double left hander back onto the start finish straight, a quick time set by the top heat of around 10/11 laps. Read more…