Big D’s offers up customized starter box & car carrying bags


Big D Bags

Many times the ‘big brands’ of our industry release some very cool products, however, they aren’t always the first to do so. Sometimes these innovative ideas and products start small, for instance, the Big D’s RC’s Starter Box Carrying Bag. While several big brands offer similar products now, Big D’s was among the first to quietly release such a product back in 2012. Since that time, their products have continued to evolve, and are now available with custom embroidery, straps, and more!

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For those with custom wrapped starter boxes, Big D’s also offers strap carrier’s which allows you to continue showing off your box while making transport easy. Despite several attempts by overseas manufacturer’s to take hold of the idea, Big D’s owner Dennis Porath says, “I have been contacted by Chinese companies many times to make my stuff, and I said no, I want them to be made in the USA.”

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