First drive of the new Team Associated RC8B3


RC8B3 Test

By Stephen Bess
Vehicle names fascinate me.  Sometimes a name has deep meaning, while other times they mean nothing at all. Curious automobile names include BMW’s new M3, which is now called the M4; the Infinity Q45, which is called the Nissan Cedric outside of the US; and who could forget the Mazda Bongo Friendee (seriously, look it up)?

Less curious names within RC include Mugen’s series of 1/8-scale buggys, incrementally named the MBX-4 through MBX-7, and of course Associated’s B2-B5 electric buggies. So it stands to reason that Team Associated’s new RC8 B3 is the third buggy in its 1/8-scale history. Right?

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